Weekly News: May 2-7th

Hello to all Panther Swimmers and their families,

Great news today, our BMAC long course championships are now open to our 8 year old and older swimmers (IF you are able to swim 50m races and longer). Please enter if you are interested. 

We will have the sign-up file on our website ASAP. We are just waiting for Patana to make the last-minute changes. This meet is hosted by Patana International School on May 28/29 and will have 5 schools competing.

Also in today’s news is information on the awards each age group will be handing out on June 13th at our year end party. I have put award names and explanations just below. If your swimmer is being awarded one of these this year then you will receive an email this week from your coach so you can plan on being at the event.


Important Notes:

Songkran ES Fun Meet Speeding Tickets:

Congratulations to Xinyi Su and Win Taepaisitpong for setting age group records during our Songkran ES swim meet. Xinyi set 3 records and Win bested one event.


ES “Longer Distances” Time Trials (Tuesday May 17th 2:30 pm)

Our ES swimmers have an opportunity to swim races that are longer than any race they swam before. If you only swim 25m races, then it’s time to swim 50s and 100s. If you only swam 50s, then time for 100s and 200s. Reach for the next mountain top, stretch your limits and have fun while you are at it.


BMAC 8 years old and over Long Course Championships (Saturday/Sunday May 28/29):

This is our final BMAC competition of the year. It will be hosted by our friends the Patana Tiger Sharks. They will send us the events sign up file by the end of this week. This event is for 8-year-old swimmers and over only.

So please contact your coaches if you are unsure your swimmer is ready for this meet. If you competed in the Splash or BMAC short course earlier this year then you should compete in this meet also.



Panther Swim Team Year-End Wrap up (Monday, June 13th 2:30-4:00 pm):

We have not had a year-end celebration for the past 3 seasons, so let’s make sure we all sign up for this year’s event.

We will start with an all-ages relay swim meet and then end with our age group awards! This will be a fun way to finish the year off! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Team Awards for this year:


Team Spirit Award: During times of covid we can always use some cheerleading. This swimmer helped raise team morale day in and day out.


Sportsmanship Award: A true athlete knows how to handle the ups and downs. They know improving is the most important thing. This swimmer always has a great attitude after all races and their always support their teammates races.


Most Dedicated Trainer: The only way to improve is to train. To train hard, listen to everything the coaches say and always try 100%. This swimmer never takes a set off and thinks about how to improve at every practice.


Most improved (year-long PB champ): Our team has our PB Champions board. This swimmer is always making their way onto that board by achieving PB swims almost always.


Up and Comer: Coaches love to see swimmers improve, it's why we do what we do. Sometimes, we see swimmers that are just on the cusp of brining it all together. These swimmers are the ones we are “betting on” to have a huge year in the pool next season.


Meets to sign up for (email coaches if you are unsure about signing up):


  1. ES Longer Distance Time Trials: May 17th 2:30-4:00pm at ISB 50m pool
  2. BMAC Long Course Championships: Saturday and Sunday, May 28/29 at Patana International School
  3. Year-end all-ages Relay event: June 13th 2:30-3:30 at ISB 50 m pool


See you on deck!


Coach Day,