Results from 2022 Spring Senior Championships

Congratulations to all 7 senior swimmers who competed at the Senior Championship in Pembroke Pines.

Leif Bouwman

Theodore Bouwman

Dylan Dam

Niamh Dowling

Kiara Caamano

Heidi Smithwick

Connor Chen


Our swimmers did very well with swims in finals and a lot of personal best times.

Congratulations to Heidi Smithwick for her 1st place on 200 Fly, 2nd place on 100 Free, 2nd place on 100 Fly and her New Team Record on 100 Free as well as Kiara Caamano, Leif Bouwman and Theodore Bouwman who swam in Finals (Top 20).

Here are some stats:

7 Swimmers participated

16 Personal Best Times were established

4 athletes swam in finals (top 20) in 13 individual events – Leif Bouwman, Theodore Bouwman, Kiara Caamano and Heidi Smithwick

3 Individual Medals won including 1 Gold and 2 Silver

1 New Individual Team Record established

Individual Senior Champs - Champions:

Heidi Smithwick 1st place 200 Fly Senior Girls

Individual Senior Champs – 2nd place:

Heidi Smithwick 2nd place 100 Free Senior Girls

Heidi Smithwick 2nd place 100 Fly Senior Girls

Individual Finalist:

15 & 16 age group - Theodore Bouwman

17&Over age group- Leif Bouwman, Kiara Caamano and Heidi Smithwick

Individual Team Record Breakers:

Girls Senior 100 Free

50.55  **  Heidi I. Smithwick at 2022 FGC Senior Championships -    3/17/2022      JDST FG

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Well done swimmers!!!

                   Kiara Caamano                                                        Heidi Smithwick

                     Leif Bouwman                                                          Theodore Bouwman

                      Niamh Dowling                                                             Dylan Dam

                   Connor Chen                                                           Heidi Smithwick