Results from ISCA Senior Cup

Congratulations to the 4 Jupiter Dragons swimmers who took part in the 2022 ISCA Senior Cup swim meet in St. Petersburg, Florida.

This championship meet attracts some of the nation's best 15 - 18 age group swimmers from across the country.  The meet hosted 88 teams represented by 789 swimmers - 413 girls and 376 boys.

Jupiter Dragons swimmers faced the tough competition and performed very well:

Leif Bouwman - achieved 7 AAA times with 1 Personal Best and swam in 5 Finals.

Theodore Bouwman - achieved 2 AA and 2 A times with 2 Personal Best.

Morgan Cogle - achieved 3 AAA, 3 AA and 1 A times with 2 Personal Best and swam in 2 Finals.

Dylan Dam - achieved 1 AA and 1 A times with 2 Personal Best.

Here are some more stats:

4 Swimmers participated

7 Personal Best Times were established

2 athletes swam in finals (top 30) in 7 individual events

Click  HERE for Jupiter Dragons Swim Team Individual results

Click  HERE for complete results 


                   Morgan Cogle                                                      Leif Bouwman

                     DylanDam                                                       Theodore Bouwman

                                                                 Leif Bouwman