Hello Cardinals!!!



Welcome to another amazing summer! If you don’t know who I am already, my name is Dylan Allen, and I will be your head coach for this summer. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our returning and new families this year. I 100% guarantee there will be a lot of swimming, fun, laughter and only a small number of terrible jokes from myself (just kidding! I tell a lot of terrible jokes).


As we get closer and closer to summer, we will be pushing more and more emails your way regarding information about the team. If you have been here before you know that the first few weeks are always chaotic so if your new to the team, try to be patient with our staff as we try to get out sea legs back. (Hehe get it?)


Regarding coaching, we are always looking for people to help not only keep a watchful eye on the kids in the water but also help show proper technique in the water. If anyone knows anybody interested in helping coach, please send me a message as soon as you can. I plan on sending a group message to all my coaching staff from last year later this week to “pool” our recourses together. (Sorry I promise that was the last one)


I am looking forward to a fantastic summer and I hope you are too! See you soon!

Go Cardinals!

Coach Dylan Allen

[email protected]