How To Mark Up Your Swimmer

 This news update is to help new and returning swimmers remember how to mark up before your meet. Our Mock Meet is this weekend so please come prepared.


To mark your swimmer please use a black permanent marker.

1) On the swimmers RIGHT shoulder blade - write the swimmers first inital, followed by the swimmers last name. Directly underneath the swimmers name write the letters B S B (which stands for Bartram Springs Barracudas)

2) On the swimmers right forearm or their thigh - make a grid (please see the photo for example). The grid pattern is 2 to 3 lines running hoizontally and 3 to 4 lines running vertically. 

In the grid pattern the letter E stands for Event / The letter H stands for Heat / The letter L stands for Lane / The last grid space can be used to write the distance if desired. (In the example the swimmer is marked for Event #1, Heat #5, and Lane #4 for the 200 Freestyle)


At the meet the coaches, board members, as well as returning swim families will be able to help anyone with questions.