Action Needed - Officials Training!

Hello, CHST Families!

What a registration turnout we have had so far!  We are close to capcity for our team! 

That said, we have lots of spots available and needed for volunteers to help make this season successful.  One volunteer spot that requires a bit of prepwork ahead of time is the role of the OFFICIAL.  Officials are a crucial volunteer role in our swim meets, and they are asked to attend an annual training to perform this role.  Officials judge strokes during swim meets to make sure they are legal for each event. For a home meet, we need 4 officials from Cardinal Hill Swim Team (2 from the other team).  We need 6 total officials - the head official, the starter, and 2 officials on each end of the pool (1 for home team and 1 for away team).  

Each home meet needs 6 officials, and each away meet needs 4 officials.  There is a head official and a starter, who typically work the entire meet.  The other 4 officials work half the meet - 2 work the first half and 2 work the second half.

Because of this commitment, CHST offers a 50% reimbursement on your swimmer's fees if you officiate for the season.  In order to receive the reimbursement at the end of the season, you will have worked a minimum of three (3) swim meets and one (1) shifts at the Champs meet.

This year's trainings are offered on two dates - May 21 from 1-3 via Zoom, and June 4 from 9-11 at Cardinal Hill Recreation Club.

Please consider signing up here: to let us know you will be in attendance!  The CHST is successful because of parent volunteers - thanks so much for your consideration!