Dear Pitchfork Families: 

We trust you and your loved ones are doing very well. IT IS A FUN EVENING AT PITCHFORK AQUATICS !

Congratulations to those who came to our Friday the 13th Fun Day and to the time trials on Saturday. It was a fantastic racing experience, and the weather was spectacular. All our swimmers swam as many long course meters events as they wished, with  plenty of personal best times. Woohoo! We are so proud of those who came to Mona Plummer and we Thank the Parents for the great support. It was a Blast!!

WiddyUp TIME!!!

Pitchfork Aquatics is one of the first USA Swim Clubs to Team Up with Widdy Up; we were recommended by the International Swimming Coaches Association.

A WiddyUP is any talent, interest, or passion that makes them happy - and everyone has one to share!

Check out this quick video on “What Is WiddyUP

1. Let's make sure EVERYONE is registered !!! 

Please sign up with our fundraiser’s unique registration link:


Those who are registered by tomorrow at practice time Monday the 16th ...parents or children.... ANYONE who has signed up and registered will get donuts!!!

By Tuesday May 17th anyone with 2 or more donations will get sour patch kids!!!

By Wednesday May 18th anyone with 3 or more donations will get a $5 Dutch Brothers gift card

BY Thursday May 19th anyone with 4 or more donations will get a PIZZA...YES !!!

By Friday May 20th anyone with 5 or more donations will get a $25 Amazon gift card

1.    Our Pitchfork Aquatics WiddyUP fundraiser is active through 06/13/2022.

2.    Please  sign up with our fundraiser’s unique registration link:

Our goal is for every swimmer to raise $575 which also covers the annual fundraising goal commitment for Pitchfork Team members.  We have 10 events and competitions that will require travel between June 2022 and June 2023. 

Swimmers are asked to create two short videos - the first video is a Pitch asking for donations to their family and friends, doctors, chiropractor, dentists or anyone they trust and work with. We will share some sample videos…let’s get creative!

The second is to showcase their WiddyUP talent and thank those that made a donation.

We will share along with WiddyUP the instructions, links, and support for the kids and parents once they sign up.

We need YOU to provide Encouragement and build Excitement with those you think will care for the swimmers’ cause.

 We are very excited about our “May the Fork Be With You” fundraiser partnership with WiddyUp, specifically designed to cover coaches’ expenses for travel to our competitions, equipment/insurance, and USA Swimming / American Swimming Coaches education.

We greatly appreciate your support and wish you a glorious day!


Mona and Fernando

Go Pitchfork!!!