14U Zone Championships Update (Move From Jenks)

Central Zone Families,

We recently learned that the site at Jenks, Oklahoma would face a shutdown due to HVAC issues, impacting many meets for the summer including the Central Zone 14&U Championships.

Pam Lowenthal (CZ Non-Coach Director), Lisa Montplaisir (CZ Championship Meet Coordinator), and Bob Staab (Oklahoma Swimming General Chair) spent the last two weeks running down leads and working on securing a replacement facility and meet host.

When it was determined that no facilities were available within the same region of Jenks, the group looked zone-wide for a new site.  It was determined that Elkhart, Indiana would be an appropriate match with a great facility and experience hosting the meet.

Because the meet was moved from one side of the zone to another, the following changes were made to LSC assignments to keep the meets a similar size:

1) Illinois was moved to the Minnesota meet
2) Indiana and Ozark were moved to the Elkhart meet

Thanks for your patience with the process.  We're working towards getting both meet sanctions finalized as soon as possible.  Formats will mirror that of the last "normal," zone championship meet held in 2019, with prelims/finals for 11-12 and 13-14, timed finals for 10&U.

You'll soon see information on each LSC's zone pages on how to qualify and register for each meet.

Michael White
Coach Director, Central Zone