YFD Senior Spotlight: 12 Questions with Ashley Renwick

 YFD Senior Spotlight: 12 Questions with Ashley Renwick

1) How long have you been on YFD?

This is my second year on YFD.

2) Why did you choose the school you will attend next year?

When going through the college application process I knew that I wanted a smaller school, since the professors are able to get to know their students. I was mainly looking at liberal arts schools, and when I visited Colgate I loved the campus and the school spirit that everyone had. I also like that as an undergraduate student you're not competing against graduate students for research opportunities. They also have great career preparation programs and career-experience opportunities on campus and abroad.

3) Do you know what you want to study? If so, what?

I plan on majoring in Africana and Latin American Studies while on the pre-med track; I am also interested in neuroscience.

4) What is your favorite memory of being on YFD?

My favorite memory on YFD was swimming at ISCA in Florida this year. I enjoyed studying in the hotel lobby, getting brunch, and going to the beach with my teammates after prelims.  

5) What is the hardest set you can remember doing?

One of the hardest sets I can remember doing was (3x(3x100 freestyle then 2x50s kick)) which is repeated multiple times with the interval decreasing each time. Although not more than 100 yards is swam at a time, It is one of the hardest sets because it is difficult to continue to get increasingly faster after each round along with the interval.

6) What is your favorite Amine story?

In December at the CRA Championship in Massachusetts, all of the swimmers were gathered at the hotel for the team dinner after the second day of competition. After all the swimmers lined up to get food from the buffet everyone started to disperse into their own groups and Amine brought us all back together and delivered a great motivational speech. By the second day of competition most swimmers had a mix of great and not-so-great swims including myself, and after hearing Amine's words of endearment and encouragement I felt uplifted to continue to try my best in the upcoming prelims. Amine has great words of inspiration.

7) If you could go back in time and tell yourself something as a younger swimmer, what would it be?

I would tell my younger self to do more dryland training consistently because that definitely would have made a difference. I would also tell myself to work on technique.

8) How did you balance academics and being a competitive swimmer?

I found it useful to utilize any weekends when there were no swim meets in order to get ahead on work due later on in the week and also to get any work done in school during any free period I had or during lunch.

9) What is your favorite pre-meet meal?

The night before a meet I like to have pasta with meat sauce.

10) What is your favorite event and why?

My favorite event is the 100 freestyle, because I like that it is a full out sprint, but not as short as the 50 freestyle.

11) What is your proudest accomplishment to date?

I am proud of finally breaking my old personal best 100 freestyle time at Team Challenge, after being stuck at my 15-year-old time from before Covid.

12) Do you have any advice for the younger swimmers on the team who might want to swim collegiately?

I would advise having clear communications with coaches at schools you are interested in throughout your junior and senior year, and let them get to know the type of swimmer and teammate you are.