Swim Team News 5/22/2022


Swim Team News 5/22/2022


Jump start week was a blast! It was great to see all of the smiles and happy faces.

“Regular” evening workouts begin this week. Times are as follows -


Evening Workout Times

6:45 - 7:15pm - 8U

7:15 - 7:50pm - 10U

7:50 - 8:30pm - 12U

8:30 - 9:15pm - 14U & Senior




There have been three swimmers who tested positive for Covid. All are in our 12U age group. We’ve notified all families with swimmers that are considered close contacts - those either in the same lane or same coaching group. Please monitor your children for symptoms and take appropriate precautions.


As far as returning to swim - If your swimmer is not allowed to be at school then we also don’t want them at the pool!


Coaches will continue to assign lanes and take daily attendance. Please regularly check your email to stay up to date on any possible exposure. Also remind your swimmers to limit their time in the showers and locker rooms - No hanging out or lengthy showers. Coaches can monitor activity in the water and on the pool deck, but it’s harder to keep track of what is happening once the kids are out of sight.


Time Trials


June 4 - 7:30am

June 11 - 7:30am

June 15 - 6:45pm

June 18 - 7:30am


Please try and attend at least one of the Time Trials. We do like to have an initial time for your child in all of the events.  Swimmers will have a chance to confirm online which dates and events they’re swimming during the meet declaration process.  Brand new team members are not required to do all of the strokes. 

Look for Time Trials registration information next week.




Please remember to register your swimmers before they attend practice. It’s important that we have all of the paperwork (liability waivers, etc…) filled out before your kids participate in team activities.


Always feel free to email with any questions!


See you soon -


Coach Matt