Wednesday Practice (5pm-7pm)
Good evening everyone,

This is a reminder that tomorrows practice will be from 5pm-7pm for all swimmers. All practice groups are invited as we will do a team warm up and run a meet style practice to end our Spring season! 

We will be giving out t-shirts to swimmers tomorrow night so if you are unable to make it, let coach Tim know and we can set up a time to get on.

We will not be serving dinner to swimmers so please make sure they eat before or after practice! 

We will have one last regular practice on Thursday. 

I will send out another email at the end of the week but thank you all for such an amazing year with Triton! We are amazed by all of our swimmers hard work and dedication to the team. You all are what makes us Triton Swim Team! 

Thanks and hope to see all of you tomorrow! 
-Coach Tim