Registration is OPEN

Swim Team Registration is OPEN!

IMPORTANT: Read the Instructions Linked Below BEFORE attempting to register. The Registration process through Swimmingly is not very intuitive.  The Instructions should help - keep them handy during the registration process.  Swimmingly's main advantage is helping the team run meets electronically and keeping parents and swimmers informed of their times. We cannot compete in the NBSL without using Swimmingly.  We did not use this portal or application last season so most parents will be NEW to Swimmingly.



NOTE: There is a Mandatory Concession Stand Fee of $20 per family. This is to avoid having to rely on donations to sell at the concession stand. To ensure this fee is collected, this fee has been added to the swimmer registration fee for your first swimmer.

The fees are as follows (detailed in the welcome letter the club sent with your membership packet):

One Swimmer: $75 + $20 Mandatory Concession Stand Fee

Two Swimmers: $100 + $20 mandatory Concession Stand Fee

Three Swimmers: $140 + $20 Mandatory Concession Stand Fee

Four or More Swimmers: $160 + $20 Mandatory Concession Stand Fee

There is a transaction fee imposed by the website's payment processor (Stripe) of 2.90% plus $0.30. Unfortunately, there is no way of avoiding this fee.



ALSO IMPORTANT:  Our "Club Code" for Swimmingly Registration is     


(Yes, that whole big long string of characters - you will need to copy and paste that code when the Swimmingly portal asks you for the club code.  The hyperlink in the box above should allow you to land on our club-specific page but if you have to get out mid-registration, you will need to enter the code to get back to where you were.)