Argo Video Next Week Sign up now. More Info Posted

We have reached out to our friends at Argo Swim Video and have set up an underwater filming session at our pool.

It will be June 8-9 from 11-2pm @ the Recreation Center. 

To sign up please click this link:

Space is limited and this is first come first serve.  We have space availible and have opened it up to anyone in the community that is interested!

Get your spot now.

Argo films over 6000 competitive swimmers every year, traveling to pools from Boston to LA, Seattle to Miami. Covid has kept Argo off many pool decks these past two years. We thought you would greatly appreciate their visiting our pool and providing this unique service. We know of dozens of teams Argo has filmed for; all have been very pleased.  Our coaching staff highly recommends Argo.


Cost is $100 per swimmer.

This includes eVOs (educational voice overs) for all 4 strokes; samples below.

(Participation is entirely optional.) 


Your swimmer will be filmed doing a 100 or 200 IM ( age and skill dependent ) - less than 5 minutes. 

Added bonus: Argo's CEO Brad Hopkins will be doing all the filming, just as he did in the beginning over a decade ago. Turnaround time for delivery of your eVOs is 10 days. 


Kids swim better when they can see themselves; it's as simple as that. 

You will have permanent and unrestricted access to all of your video. You will be able to download it and share any way you like, permanently. The video your swimmer gets will be useful and relevant for quite some time as lasting change happens over time. 


Useful Links to sample educational voice overs:


eVO Butterfly


 eVO Backstroke


 eVO Breaststroke


eVO Freestyle


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