Marlin Families,

Important reminders-


Individual pictures will start at 5:00 sharp.  If you want to be in the team pictures make sure you are here by 5:20 since that is when we start lining up from shortest to tallest.  We should take the team picture by 5:35. If you want to purchase pictures, make sure that you complete the order form and have either cash or check for payment. If you have not picked up the form from your family folder, there will be additional forms available. If you need to fill out a form, please arrive early.  If you click on the “more information about this news” at the bottom of this message, there should be list of the package prices.



In order for the coaches to enter swimmers into a meet and then send those entries to the opposing team, we must have all families let us know they are attending the meet by using the EDIT COMMITMENT option by 9:00 pm on Monday. If you have more than one swimmer, you will need to answer for every swimmer.   Swimmers that have not responded by the deadline will NOT be placed in events.  Once we send the entries to the opposing team, we can NOT add swimmers, especially not on the morning of the event.  Please make sure that have responded for your swimmers by the deadline



At Blue and Gold, we had a number of swimmers show up after the swimmer check in time 6:45 for 13-18, 7:00 for other age groups.  Since this was Blue and Gold, we were able to readjust the meet and allow them to swim.  Unfortunately, we will NOT be able to do that for any other meet this season.  If the swimmer has not checked in with the coaches by their designated time, they WILL be scratched from the meet.  Once a swimmer has been scratched from the meet, we can not put them back in.  This means if they show up late, they can not swim at that meet.  If you are on the way and realize that you may not make it by the deadline, please use the contact numbers that were listed in this week’s Marlin Messenger to let you know you are on the way so we do not scratch your swimmer.



Thanks so much to our fabulous volunteers on Saturday. I hope you enjoyed the position you did and are excited to volunteer this week. I have gone into the computer system and have credited all the hours worked. Please check your account and let me know if you see any issues. 

How can I check my hours?

Log into the website

Click on “My Account” on left

Click on “My Invoice/Payment” on left 

Click “Service Hours” tab

Because of the requirement to volunteer at each participating meet we are asking that you please only signup for one position a week per family until the Wednesday before the meet. If you have a situation that requires you sign up for more than one, please email me [email protected] 

Also, if you log in to sign-up for a spot and there are none available, please email me.