Apparel Store, Practice Starting & Handbook

Whoohoo!! We are getting so close to SUMMER SWIM SEASON!!  Lots of info coming out within the next week.  


Apparel Store Now Open Click for store link!  Only open for a short time!! No late order will be accepted.  Store closes June 8th.


Team Suits?  Yep, still working on that.  Got a notification from the vendor that our suits MAY have shipped.  Still waiting to hear.  Thanks for your patience!  Don't you love supply chain issues?!


Morning Practices:  Regular morning practices will start Monday June 6th at 7-8:30am with the exception of Blue Dragons (6 & Under) start Tuesday June 7th.   Returning swimmers please return to the lane you ended in 2021.  Remember it's like the first week of school when it can be a little hectic but we'll be moving swimmers around both up in lanes and down.  DON'T panic if your swimmer gets moved down, they just may need to work on a specific thing and then get moved right back up. It's always in the best interest of the swimmer.  


Parent Handbook:  Parent Handbook is now digital and placed on our website under Documents.  This has lots of good info for new families!   Lots of your questions will be answered in this for sure.  Sarah and Amanda will be on the pool deck to answer questions this coming week at practices.