Parking and other important information


PARKING – On Saturday, there will be a track meet at the high school.  We are anticipating that this will make parking even more challenging than normal.  If the outer lot is full as we expect it to be, you will need to park in the lots in the park.  The tollbooth does not open until 8:00 am so as long as you arrive before then there will not be a charge.  The track meet may have people at Lancer Lane (right before our parking lot) collecting money for parking in the high school lots. Please make sure you go past them into the park lots where there is no charge.  Let us know if they attempt to charge you to park in the CRPD lots.

VOLUNTEERS WANTED- With the anticipated parking issues on Saturday, we are looking for 2 volunteers that we can station near the parking lots from 6:00 am to 7:15 am to help direct our families.  If you are interested, please reply to this email or contact our volunteer coordinator Erin Seymour at [email protected]

SWIMMER CHECK IN- Swimmers must check in by their designated time or they will be removed from the meet (scratched)- Saturday is our first meet against another team which means that we will not be able to put a swimmer into the meet if they are scratched because they are late.  13 and up must check in with the coaches by 6:45, 12 and under must check in by 7:00.  If you are running behind but are on the way, you can call or text Erin Seymour - 916.792.7462 • Jennie Dressler - 916.849.2176  

VOLUNTEERS- Check in with Erin and Jennie when you arrive.

FAMILY FOLDERS- Check folders before 9:00 for pick up your Times to Beat Cards.  These cards are for you to record your swimmer’s times and to compare how your swimmer progresses throughout the season.  Some families bring them to every meet and fill them in as the meet happens but some families place them on the refrigerator to fill out after the meet results are posted. It is entirely up to you on how you use them. 

SPEED BEADS- Now that we are having meets against other teams, your swimmer can earn speed beads. Speed Beads are given to swimmers that improve their previous best time.  If They beat any time from the Blue and Gold meet, they should go to the coaches table to collect a speed bead. 

RIBBONS- Another thing new for this week is ribbons.  Ribbons will be issued based on how swimmers finish in their heat.  Swimmers who are disqualified will not earn a ribbons.  Ribbons will be placed in family folders for swimmers to pick up next week.  No one will be able to pick up ribbons during the meet.