Swim Team News – June 6, 2022


Swim Team News – June 6, 2022


The pool might be closed but the swim team must go on!  We’ll be adding some dryland and team bonding activities this Tuesday and Wednesday.  We will either be in the clubhouse or outside. Please show up with water, tennis shoes, workout clothes, and a towel.  Take note of the amended practice time changes.  


6:30-7:00pm - 8U

7:10-7:40pm - 10U

7:50-8:20pm - 12U

8:30-9:00pm - 13+


We hope to see you there!  


Saturday “Bonus” Clinics – We’re looking at adding some additional swim opportunities to make up for missed time. Instead of charging for our 9:00am Saturday clinics, as we normally do, these are now included in the cost of your initial swim team payment. Swimmers will still need to preregister so that we can accurately staff our workout. Look for more information soon.

Clinic Dates - June 25, July 2 (tentative), July 9, July 16, July 23


Confirming Meet Participation – You must register (or confirm) your swimmer for each meet, whether they are participating or not. Click on the “Events & Meets” button on our homepage , and then on each individual meet to declare your child’s participation.  Look for the “Attend/Decline” button at the top of each page. You can change this declaration up until two days before the meet. There is also a place to leave me a message if you have requests or if you need to miss part of the meet. Let me know if you have any trouble with this process. 


“7 & Under” Swim Team – Many of our 5, 6, and some of our 7 year old swimmers only participate in time trials, our mini-meet, home pre-meets, and the SSSL “B-Champs” meet at the end of July. This gives a total of nine swim opportunities.

Time Trials – 6/11, 6/15, 6/18

Mini-Meets – 6/21, 7/6

Home “Pre Meets” – 6/23, 7/14, 7/19

GSSSL B Champs – 7/22


Dates to Remember

June 11 (Saturday AM) – Time Trials II*

June 15 (Saturday AM) – Time Trials III*

June 18 (Wednesday PM) – Time Trials IV**

June 21 (Tuesday AM) - Mini-Meet & Time Trials V (Times TBD)


  *Warmup @ 7:30am, 8U @ 7:50am, 10U @ 8:15am, 12U+ @9:00am

** Warmup @ 6:45pm, 8U @ 6:55pm, 10U @ 7:40pm, 12U+ @8:20pm

Warm up times are approximate. 


Please try and attend at least one of the Time Trials. We like to have an initial time for your swimmer in all of the events. Swimmers will have a chance to choose which events they’re swimming during the time-trials meet declaration process. Brand new swimmers are not required to do all of the strokes.


Volunteering – We need at least 60 adult volunteers for every home meet. Each family needs to commit to a minimum of five (5) hours of help over the summer season. Families with a balance at the end of the season will pay $25 per remaining hour. All of the jobs are pretty basic, but very essential to running a smooth and efficient meet. You also get some of the best seats in the house! If you have questions about timing (our largest need), here is a document that helps explain what you need to do. When you confirm your swimmer for a meet, please remember to also sign up for jobs.


Officials/Starter Clinic - New Date - June 11  

Please contact Johanna with questions!


Workout Times –

Once we move to our day workouts (starting June 20) our practice times will be as follows –

13+      7:15-8:15am

12U      8:15-9:00am

10U      9:00-9:45am

8U      9:45-10:25am


Email Addresses – If you want notices sent to a different email, or to additional addresses, please log into our website and make changes, or send a message back to me at [email protected] Also, if you know anybody that we’ve missed on this distribution list, please let me know.


If you have any other questions about our team please feel free to ask!


Thanks -

Coach Matt