First Meet Signups, Team Suits, Stroke Judge Traiing

Monday Meet Sign ups NOW OPEN!! Act quick please–deadline is Wednesday night!  You may now declare your availability for our first swim meet on Monday June 13th at Laurel Park pool. We ask all families to go to our website or use the “On Deck” app and click either YES or NO. You may also put anything in the notes you’d like the coaches to know as they place your swimmer in events (ie: we will be arriving late or we cannot swim breaststroke or we would like to try an IM). This meet comes up very early in our season, so it’s okay if your swimmer would rather sit this one out. The other team has asked us to only include swimmers who can swim 25 yards comfortably and unassisted. Also please remember your family must volunteer to work half of each meet that your child/ren swim. 


Team Swim Suits!! Additionally, we are happy to say B&B Aquatics (1747 Clarkson Road Chesterfield MO 63017) has received our team suits for this summer! Remember they are completely optional. The girls suits are $49.50 and the boys suits are $34.50. They will help with fitting. Looks like they are open M-F 10-6 and Sat 10-5. 


Virtual Stroke Judge Training

This is a unique opportunity to become stroke judge certified for our league.  The certification is good for 3 years!  We NEED stroke judges.  Lots of our stroke judges have retired now their swimmers have aged out.  Stroke Judges are critical to a meet.  This is a teaching league so what this does is helps educate the swimmers if they are performing the stroke incorrectly, so they know what to correct.  Thankfully Jen Espenscheid has stepped up to fill Charlie Moore’s shoes as Stroke Judge Chair for our team! 

I cannot stress this enough that you do not need to be a prior Olympic swimmer to become certified, ANYONE can become certified.  This training will help you better understand the stokes and the mechanics of swimming.  Many parents have said that they can now help their swimmers with questions and help explain if they do get disqualified at a meet.  Certification is free! 

You will not have to do your first meet by yourself, we’ll pair you with a veteran stroke judge to help explain what do! 

So what do you have to do to get certified? 

1 st flip through the power point

2 nd watch the videos for references +

3 rd read through the “Stroke Judge Notes” document

4 th let us know that you completed the process!