Changes to Flex Memberships Beginning September 1, 2022

The USA Swimming Board of Directors voted to change the Flex Membership registration criteria effective September 1, 2022.

New, this fall Flex Memberships will only be available for athletes ages 12 and younger.

The Flex Membership price will increase to $30 per person ($20 goes to USA Swimming and $10 to the LSC). 


Letter from USA Swimming explaining the changes:

To: USA Swimming Board of Directors, Membership/Registration Committee, LSC General Chairs, LSC Admin Vice-Chairs, LSC Membership and Registration Chairs, LSC Permanent Offices, LSC Staff, Club Contacts

The USA Swimming Board of Directors has approved two changes to the USA Swimming Flex Membership category. Both changes are effective September 1, 2022, for the 2023 membership year.

In January of 2020, the USA Swimming Board of Directors approved changes to the Flex Membership for the 2021 Membership Year, which included restrictions by age and tiered increases in price. That action was delayed until the 2023 Membership Year due to COVID-19. Since then, the Board of Directors has simplified the changes to Flex for the 2023 Membership Year, to begin September 1, 2022.

First, the Flex Membership category will be available only for athletes ages 12 and younger. This is intended to maximize the benefit of the Flex Membership, given current membership trends and projections.

Additionally, the Board approved changing the Flex Membership fee to $30, with $20 of the fee going to USA Swimming and $10 going to the Local Swimming Committee (LSC) [Note: the LSC may not charge more than the $10 fee]. The previous fee for this category of membership has not kept pace with fee increases to the Premium Membership, and this change is intended to keep this fee in line with other membership increases.

For questions, please contact [email protected]