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Hello Waves,

Welcome back or welcome to the Goodman Waves Swim Team! I am your new head coach Jadyn Schensky, and I am super excited for the season to start! In this email I am going to cover some important information about practices and some fun new things that will be happening this season. 


Practices this year will be the same times as in years past but we have renamed the groups to go along with the waves theme. The biggest difference is this year all of our 13 and older swimmers will be practicing at the same time. I encourage you to take a look at the website to make sure your swimmer is coming at the right time for practice. 

Coaches for each group-

Tsunami (7:45am-9:15am): Coach Jadyn, Coach Ella, Coach Lily, and Coach Talia

Tidal (9:00am-10:15am): Coach Nastassja, Coach Ella, Coach Lily, Coach Ellie, and Coach Talia

Breakers (10:00am-11:15am): Coach Nastassja, Coach Ella, Coach Lily, Coach Ellie, and Coach Talia

Ripples (11am-12pm): Coach Nastassja, Coach Ellie, and Coach Talia

Junior Coaches-

This year we will be welcoming back junior coaches! These will be some of our 14 and older swimmers that have showed interest in wanting to work with the younger swimmers. They will be helping the coaches out at practices and meets with different tasks. Hopefully this will also allow some team bonding between all age groups on the team. 

Stroke Clinic-

Stroke clinic is back! This year we will have stroke clinic Monday through Friday from 9am-12pm. It will be drop in style and my hope is to get as much one on one work with the swimmers as possible. With this large time frame it will allow all the athletes to come whenever works best. This could be a little bit before there scheduled practice or another option could be staying after there practice. While I will be the primary coach running this and sometimes the only coach running this, I ask swimmers don't use this as a replacement for practice. It's meant for swimmers to get 15-30 minutes of individual work time on technique or skills they may struggle with. Swimmers should come over to the 4 ft. area of the pool to meet me if they are coming for stroke clinic. STROKE CLINIC WILL START WEDNESDAY JUNE 15TH.

First week-

During the first week of practice our primary focus in every group will be on freestyle, backstroke, and many drills. We understand many of you havn't been in the water in awhile and we want you to ease back into it to avoid injuries. For those of you who swim year round, us coaches are prepared to help you out too. During the first week I also would like to have everyone coming with a full water bottle and tennis shoes. We want to be practicing good habits right away so try your best to do these things. 


Our first meet of the season is a home meet and it is on Saturday June 18th! It would be great to have as many swimmers signed up for the meet as possible. For our new swimmers this would also be a great opportunity to see what summer swimming is all about! Sign ups are due by Thursday June 16th. 

Lastly, if you know your swimmer will be missing multiple practices due to illness, vacation, etc. please let the coaches know. 


We're excited to see everybody on Monday!


Coach Jadyn

[email protected]