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The first meet of 2022...Are you EXCITED?

Welcome to 2022 Dolphin Swimming!

For our seasoned families, this is old news. For our newbies, who are right now thinking, OMG, what did I sign up for!?? Hopefully this helps assuage your fears. We realize this season kickoff has been quite the whirlwind. We are starting things off by flying by the seat of our pants, with our pants on fire! Tomorrow morning we have our first meet hosting the Dominion Valley Sharks. They are a GREAT team. They are fewer in numbers this year-we are actually swimming about 20 more swimmers than they are, but they have a lot of great, strong swimmers. If our Dolphins put their best into the pool tomorrow, we may surprise the Sharks.

Not having Time Trials made sense considering the condensed calendar this year from the PWSL. TT serves as a Dress Rehearsal for us-a great time to knock the rust off the old brain cells. So to keep things from going haywire tomorrow, we need our families ready to jump in, Volunteer! Even if it isn’t your usual gig, or you are completely NEW and shiny, the seasoned folks will show you the ropes. SWIMMERS…pay attention and make it to Clerk of Course on time.

For our new families who may feel lost right now. PLEASE do not be shy! Our team is a FAMILY. Get to the pool no later than 5:45. Concessions takes credit cards…so that will be your breakfast. Pack folding chairs, a pop-up tent if you’ve got one. If you have showed up to the pool with NOTHING, be like a cuckoo bird and squat with your new best friend. No one will bite you. FAMILY, remember! Swimmers need to be ready for warmups just after 6:00 a.m. (Coach Wendy sent out an email earlier with details on warmup times, and the little ones sitting out. Make sure you have read that.)

We are supposed to have kinda icky cold, rainy weather tomorrow. MAYBE. So be ready for that. Yes we swim, and monsoon meets are the most fun meets of all! Pack warm clothes, and lots of dry towels. Looking outside at 5:00 a.m., seeing some rain and going...NAHHHH don’t have time for that, won’t help us beat some Sharks. (BUT if you wake up at 5:00 A.M., and your swimmer is puking, email Coach Wendy. She will see it! [email protected].) When you get to the pool, stop by the Welcome Tent to grab anything you have ordered from Spirit Wear, personalized caps, plus your 2022 team shirt. ALL swimmers get a shirt. If you have not volunteered, tell the helpful folks at the Welcome Tent; they will hook you up with a way to help. If you need a chair…we got it. Shade…we got it. Feeling like you’re in arrears in your daily Steps, OHHH….we got it!

So for those of you feeling like you are flailing through the unknown, you are. BUT…the rest of us will catch you. So pack the car, make sure the kids get to bed at a reasonable hour. Tell Alexa to set alarm for 4:30 am, and don’t tell her to snooze too many times.