Details for Laurel Park Meet

Details for the Meet at Laurel Park

Warmups @ 5:00pm, Meet Starts @ 5:30pm


As soon as you arrive, please CHECK IN!! This helps our coaches know who has arrived.  Also you’ll need to get your worker tag.  Look for the blue hanger on the fence upon arrival.  Laurel Park is providing concessions.  I’m not sure of their offerings but that does serve as a fundraiser for their team. 


Links to the Heat Sheets along with a report by Swimmer that details what events each swimmer is and what heat/lane they will swim in.  Heat Sheets will NOT be provided.  You are welcome to print out at home but not necessary! 

Click for Swimmer Report

Click for Heat Sheets


Late Swimmers:    Swimmers who are late will be pulled from relays. Being late also can result in not being placed in a relay for future meets.

Video link:  Here is an OLD video that I put together years ago which was current up until couple of years….you can tell how old this is when you look how young my kiddos are!    MOST of the info is the same but we will not be using heat cards but concept is still the same.  Still has a lot of good info, pop some popcorn and enjoy!  :)


Directions from the league website.

Laurel Park is located at 181 Driftwood Lane.

From Jungermann Road, head east on Barkwood Trails, then turn right at the stop sign on Driftwood Lane.Stay on this road, and it will lead you directly into the park!

To park near the upper pavilion, take Jungermann to McClay Road and head east on McClay to McClay Valley Blvd. (this is the entrance to a subdivision). Stay on McClay Valley Blvd and it will lead you directly into the park! Enjoy!