2012 LAC Partners & Links
Great SCSC International/ Great OAPB

Hello LAC Families, what a great weekend of swimming we had at both the Santa Clara International Meet and the OAPB C/B/BB+ meet!

At the Santa Clara International Meet: 

Lilli Chau made 3 finals including a best time by 6 seconds in the 400 IM 

Nick Coltrin made 2 finals including a lifetime best in the 50 free 

Jack Hendrick made 7 finals including a 2nd overall placing in the 800 free and best times in the 200 fly, 400 IM, and 200 back

Bryson Huey made 5 finals including a lifetime best in the 100 fly 

Faye Jensen made 2 finals 

Jacob Nixon made 5 finals including a lifetime best in the 100 back 

At the OAPB C/B/BB+ meet, LAC atheltes Johanna, Delaney, Dylan, Lillian B., Gabe B Lisa, Nina, Evie, Sophia, Rayan, Ria, Cassie, Josie, Phoebe, Leilani, Claire E., Savannah, Emorsyn, Brian, Steven, Lillian J., Henry, Nicolina, Abhinav, Minh-ky, Eva, Ryan, Claire K., Gabby, Mitchell, Megan, Addy, Kiwi, Emerson, Kam, Jonas, Jude, Amelia, Charlie, Alex P., Caelum, Terra, Leo, Olivia, James, Lucy, Myra, Isaiah, Shree, Anna, Narun, Felix, Xavier, Kate, Yury, Alex W., and Waseem all got at least one best time. 

Way to go LAC!!!