PWSL 2022 Week 1 coming soon
Welcome to the 2022 PWSL season!

Were currently dealing with two issues publishing this weeks results: first, one meet has times under investigation. I dont want to publish these times that are likely to be withdrawn.

Second,  The   live results site suffered a hack recently . Unfortunately, we still don't have full control or use of the site to fix the damage caused by the hackers . Once all teams have submitt e d their databases eac h week, we'll also b e publis hing the usua l "cyber meet" databases, in addition to PDF lists of to p perfor mances and full league results.

We're sorry this continues to be an issue; in addition to losing everyone's ability to follow the meets in near-real-time, losing the site makes publishing weekly results and summaries a much more manual process for us. We do want to get the site republished ASAP.  Thanks for your patience.

I hope to have week 1 meets posted later today. Thank you!