PWSL Week 1 2022

Welcome back to PWSL summer swim for 2022! We're all thrilled to finally have all 24 teams back in the pool and competing. For a sense of where the league is at, here's a comparison with last year and pre-COVID.

Note that week 1 this year fell on the same day or the day after a lot of high school graduations and before school dismissed for summer. I'm interested to see what the end of season numbers look like as more kids finish spring sports and get in the pool.

  • 2019 week 1
    • 3570 Swimmers
    • 9158 Splashes
    • 4024 Time improvements from seed time
  • 2021 week 1
    • 3038 swimmers
    • 7550 splashes
    • 2697 Time improvements from seed times
  • 2022 week 1
    • 3102 swimmers
    • 7368 splashes
    • 2864 Time improvements from seed times

The live results site recently suffered a hack. We are close to regaining full control of the site for meet-day live results. As of right now  HERE is a PDF of all the times in the county for week 1. Please feel free to post and share as needed for each team.

We've also shared the complete league results for Week 1 on a web site you can share with families. This site will not replace the site and we don't have live update capabilities for this site.

Please see the updated  Summary Sheet for an overview of all the meets.The  Top 25 individual times and  Top 15 Relays of the week are also available. This week's cyber meet and league record file are  available to the computer reps on this site