Action Needed: Reminders and updates
The pool pump is BACK, repaired, and reinstalled, thanks to volunteer work of our wondeful members!  There is a special sealant that requires time to dry, so we will be unable to practice in the water tomorrow (Thursday).  BUT - we are planning to be back in the water Friday morning!  If for some reason that changes, we will communicate via email before practice.  For tomorrow (Thursday), we will plan to host a dryland practice with games and exercises at Saville Park next to the pool.  
Thursday morning practice (June 16th only):
9 and older: 9-9:30
8 and under: 9:30-10
If your child is participating, please make sure they bring lots of water, as it will be very hot again tomorrow. 
A few reminders…  we are planning to hold Kids Night Out still on Friday, June 17th from 7-9.  Please use this link to sign up if your swimmer will be attending.  The cost is $10/child, and pizza is included.  Please sign up before 4pm Friday so we know how many pizzas to order.  We also need 3 parent volunteers to make the event successful.  There is a spot to sign up on the link for that, as well.

Also, the deadline to declare attendance for next Tuesday’s (June 21st) home meet is quickly approaching.  We also have a meet next Thursday (June 23rd).  It helps us tremendously if you declare as attending or declining.  If you go to and sign in on the left side of the page, you can click on “events” tab and select the meet you would like to declare for.  You may need to create a “Sports Engine” account in order to do this - that is ok.  There is no such thing as too early, so if you know you will be attending or not attending, please feel free to declare now for all of the meets!  If your swimmer is planning to swim in the Champs meet on July 9th, please keep in mind that they must swim in a minimum of 3 regular season meets in order to qualify for Champs.  There is no minimum score required to swim in Champs, just the meet attendance.  Volunteer jobs are also available for all of the meets, and are a required part of making each meet possible.
We have rescheduled our Preble County home meet to be Thursday, July 7th (at Cardinal Hill).  Please mark your calendars!
I do want to say - this season has been an interesting one so far, and each and every one of your swimmers have had such a great attitude when they come to practice.  This starts with their parents, so I know that you are all being so gracious and flexible in the curveballs that have come our way.  THANK YOU all for your support, and for cheering your swimmer on in every way.  It’s great to see them having fun and being engaged, no matter where the practices are held.
Thanks again,