Saturday's swim meet 6/18

Dear Stingrays,

We have had quite a few registered families notify us they will not be at the meet on Saturday.  We are short on volunteers for needed positions (timers, runner, deck, etc...).  We only have a couple families who are coming and have not signed up to volunteer (they will be assigned a job at check in).  If you have older teens, family members, or friends who would like to help out, please bring them!  Teens receive volunteer hours. 

It takes 50+ volunteers to run our swim meets smoothly and allow for 2 shifts so workers aren't required to volunteer the entire meet (although some do because they love it and want to).  The alternative is traveling to away meets in faraway lands where we don't need to provide as many volunteers.  We try not to travel away too often. 

See you Saturday!  GO STINGRAYS!!!!!