Orangevale reminders


Marlin Families,

Just a few reminders and updates for Saturday’s meet…

Volunteer shifts --If your swimmer is participating at a meet, you should be volunteering. We will have some volunteer opportunities open up.  If you are unable to sign up on the team website, please contact Erin or Jennie.  As soon as you arrive at the meet, check in with them the morning of the event so they know you are available. 

Age Group Parents—The job of the Age group parents is to provide information about swimmer events and help get swimmers to the ready bench area.  They do not have time to track down swimmers that have not stayed in the team area.  Please make sure that if your swimmer is not staying in or near the age group tent, that they report to the age group tent 3-4 events before their race. The age group parents are not responsible for searching the park for your swimmer or if your swimmer misses their race because they are not at the age group tent in time.

Check in --Make sure that your swimmer checks in with the coaches.  Look for the coaches near our team area.

Team Area –Remember that our team area at Orangevale will be on the grass hill OUTSIDE the pool area. 

Food at Meet --Orangevale does NOT utilize a snack bar.  There will be a food truck(s) available to purchase food so plan accordingly. Orangevale is hosting “Summerpalooza” at the same park as the pool so it will be difficult to find parking if you leave to find food.