Saturday's Meet Vs SouthSide

Tomorrow is our first official meet!  The South Side team is in their 2nd year and will have 20 swimmers participating in tomorrow's meet.  But don't let that fool you--last year, this small team had quite a few great swimmers!  

It doesn't sound like they will have concessions so I recommend you bring a cooler with drinks and snacks, tent and chairs.  There is limited seating inside the pool area so the expectation is that we go in and watch our swimmer and then go back to our tent city in their parking lot. We will set up our Fish Tank (formerly the Zoo) in the hallway.  Please make sure you bring your swimmer's goggles, towel, water bottle.  For younger ones, we recommend a smal game or craft (bracelet making) so they have something to occupy their time in between their events.  They will not be allowed to run around the parking lot area.

Thank you all for volunteering to make this meet run smoothly!  We appreciate our AMAZING families!  Let's do this!  Tracy

---Message from South Side---

We want to welcome you to the East Coast Aquatic Center for the Cheshire Forest versus Southside Sea Lions.  We are a super small team but hope we can host a fun and stress-free meet. 

Directions:  East Coast Aquatic Center, 5905 Portsmouth Blvd, Portsmouth, VA 23701.  It is the new Boys and Girls Club in Portsmouth.  

Parking:  We are going to reserve the back 8 parking spots for tents and additional seating.  There are 40 other parking spots in our lot.  The Allstate parking lot is able to hold most of the rest of the cars.  There is also the back of the church parking lot that maybe used if needed but I don’t think we will need to.  

Seating:  We do have a couple of three level bleachers that are in the pool area.  The bleachers will hold 80 are so people.  We encourage families to bring tents and fold out chairs and utilize the back parking lot.  Looks like a beautiful day. 

Bathrooms:  Bathrooms are available in the pool area through the 2 double doors. 


7:15 Southside Sea Lions Warmup

7:30  Cheshire Forest Warmup  (if you need a second warmup we can squeeze in a second one for you)

8:00 Meet Start time

11:00 Meet finish time