Volunteers are needed for our meet vs. Highpoint on Tuesday June 21st

In order to run a meet, we need enough volunteers, lining swimmers up to swim, timing, judging stroke & turn techniques, helping with ribbons, helping with scoring, etc.

Our first meet is at Highpoint Swim Club (1820 Foulk Road, Wilmington, DE 19810).  We normally arrive at meets at around 4:45pm.
This year, timers and stroke and turn judges will be using the Swimmingly app on a mobile device.  It is encouraged to use a secondary mobile device instead of your primary mobile device.  Timers can run the meet from either an android (Samsung) or iOS (Apple iPhone) device but other positions must utilize an iPhone device that can run at least iOS 12 (which can go all the way back to iPhone 5s).
While volunteering at the meet, you will be connected to a Swimmingly dedicated WiFi - which is why I would suggest using an alternate mobile device instead of your primary phone.  You do NOT need phone service at all on your alternate device - only the ability to connect to WiFi.
Parents who volunteer to line up children for their events will not need a mobile device to volunteer.  
Thank you to Jacquie King who created the signup genius for volunteers for this meet.  It is below (please sign up ASAP since we only have a few days until Tuesday):
As parents, there is a second Swimmingly app called "Swimmingly Fan" that you should install which allows you to see the events and track progress throughout the meet including when your child swims and what their time was.  Your login to that app is the same as the one you used during registration.  If you were not the parent who registered your swimmer(s), you can create your own login to the Swimmingly app, select our team and follow the meet.  
Instructions for the Swimmingly Fan App are here: SwimminglyFan app - Swimmingly® Help Center
Thank you so much for volunteering!