Partners & Quick Links

Hello Waves,

Congratulations to all swimmers and divers this past weekend! We had our first win together as a whole team! Time to keep building from where we are and get better each week. 


This week at practice we will continue to work on drills and the basics of each stroke. We will begin to start increasing the difficulty and yardage. Come ready to work hard!

Also, reminder to bring water and sunscreen to practice. There were to many athletes feeling dehydrated or hurt from getting burnt. Lets try to avoid these issues this week.


We have two meets this week, one Wednesday PM and another home meet Saturday. The meet on Wednesday is at Ridgewood and warm ups will start at 3pm and the meet at 4:30pm. Sign ups are due tonight for the Ridgewood meet. Sign ups will be due Thursday for our home meet on Saturday.


Each week for the meets us coaches pick a theme. We want all swimmers and divers to particpate in the theme for that week. This brings a fun team aspect to the meets. Wedensday PM meet theme is pajama party! We usually anounce themes at practice but I will try to include them in emails too.

Stroke Clinic-

Stroke clinic went very well this week but we have a few changes we are going to make and some reminders. Stroke clinic will now only be Monday through Thursday. Fridays get to busy with preparing for Saturday meets so we will no longer offer on Fridays. 

I want to remind everyone what stroke clinic is for and give some recommendations. First, stroke clinic is not meant to have your swimmer get in the water early and swim around. It is meant to be a focused session on technique. Second, I do not recommend coming to stroke clinic everyday. Some swimmers have been coming each day and ask to work on the same skill. Practice is a great opportunity for you to work on what you worked on in stroke clinic. We give lots of helpful tips when we are able to work one on one, so use those helpful tips in practice. Lastly, I know a lot of our younger swimmers want help with learning all the strokes and new skills but this is not meant for that. We structure there practices around learning everything they need to know and to get better each day. Having an hour in the water is plenty for them, anymore time decreases there focus and energy levels. With that I dont recommend sending your swimmer anymore than twice a week. 

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!


Coach Jadyn