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Week at a Glance June 19th Edition

June 19, 2022 Week at a Glance E-Bulletin provides your one-stop-spot for all the information you need to know now, some reminders, and where to find additional information. Please log on to the website when you review information-many of the website pages are visible only to logged-in Family accounts.

BRAEMAR MEET SIGN-OUTS DUE If you are a Competitive swimmer who will not be participating in our first AWAY meet at Braemar, your sign-out deadline is TODAY, Sunday by 8:00 p.m. 

FAMILY FOLDERS ARE AVAILABLE Under the pavilion in the cabinets by the sink, or on top of the counters already out. Your folder is where your swimmer will find their ribbons if they did not get them from a Coach.

ACHIEVEMENT RIBBONS for time drops will begin this week. We have shifted away from the White, Red, Blue ribbons and are providing a single-style award for time drops. Time drops are awarded for dropping time THIS Season meet-to-meet.

WHY COOK WEDNESDAY this week is at Panda Express on Liberia. This week's WCW is a twofer. Go for Lunch, then go for dinner. Go before or after practice, and skip the kitchen that night! Panda Express will donate 20% of sales back to the team. See the WCW page on the Calendar  HERE.

PRINCE WILLIAM SWIM LEAGUE RESULTS The  PWSL puts out weekly league-wide results that include Top 15 Relays, Top 25 Times, etc. These results usually come out on Sunday afternoons and will be posted  HERE on the PWSL Results page under the Meets/Visitors tab. See where swimmers stack up against other teams and get a sneak peek on the next week's competition.
WE ARE NOW ON MORNING/NIGHT PRACTICE SCHEDULE Please make sure you review the practice schedule   HERE and know when your swimmers are to be at the pool. Swimmers are asked to pick either morning or nights and stick to that so the Coaches can balance lane coverage. 
MINI DOLPHIN PRACTICES BEGIN MONDAY, JUNE 20th We welcome our Mini Dolphins to the pool for the first time on Monday. Mini Dolphin parents-please watch for communication from Coach Ainsley as we get this program started. The Mini Dolphin practice schedule is on our regular practice schedule on the website.