Turtle of the Week 2022 - Week 1


We are so excited to be back in the water for the Summer of 2022 at Highlands and we are happy to see all the smiling faces of our Whomping Turtles. As we progress from week to week we will highlight swimmers who have stood out to the coaches and their teammates! Check out our Week 1 Turtles of the Week! 

  • Nora Hance: Nora is our 8&under girl turtle of the week this week! She started out the season a little afraid of jumping in the water but has blossomed the last week and is now one of the first swimmers in the water each day! Nora also brings an award winning smile to practice everyday! We could not be more proud of you Nora!
  • CJ Swemba: CJ is our 8&under boy turtle of the week!  He always brings a fun loving, positive vibe to the pool and is normally one of the first swimmers to jump in the water each day. CJ is always willing to try new things, including swimming the 25 Breast and 25 Fly this past Saturday at the A Meet! Way to go CJ!
  • Monika Gartzke: Our 13&over Turtle of the week is Monika! She has done an amazing job in practice this past week asking questions and taking feedback to help make her a stronger swimmer. She has also been very open about swimming strokes she may not be the biggest fan of but doing whatever is needed to support the team! Monika can also be found around the pool helping her younger brothers improve in their swimming as well. Way to go Monika!
  • Maddie Erlanger and Lucy Scogna: The 9-12 girls this week are Maddie and Lucy! Both girls come to practice laughing and smiling making everyone around them smile and laugh too. Both girls took one for the team this past weekend at the A Meet and swam up with the 13-14 year olds and dominated it! Thank you for being such awesome teammates here at Highlands ladies!
  • Bowen Hemani: Our 9-12 boy this week is Bowen! Bowen is in his first year of swim team and is always ready to swim, learn new skills, try new drills, and is one of the best listeners on the team. We are so excited to see how much you improve this year! Oh and by the way… you have awesome hair!
  • Brooklyn Kennedy: Our girl Mini Whomper of the week is Brooklyn Kennedy! Brooklyn has already shown us that she is a very hard worker. She has been one of our best listeners throughout the entire first week and she has already shown major improvements in freestlye. Keep up the good work Brooklyn!
  • Brennan Mehta: Our boy Mini Whomper of the week is Brennan Mehta! Brennan had already demonstrated a very strong work ethic. In the first week, he has helped the new swimmers remember the names of the coaches and understand drills using his knowledge from last year. He is definitely one of the leaders of the minis and we look forward to seeing him improve even more this summer! 
  • Curan Palmer: Coach Curan is the CIT of the week. It was his first official week on deck and he stepped up each and everyday to help out (even when not on the schedule to work). Coach Curan cares very much for the younger generation of swimmers here at Highlands and is willing to do anything to help all swimmers here have a wonderful summer at the pool! Coach Curan is an excellent role model for all and we are lucky to have him as a CIT this summer!
  • Jackson Wright: Coach Jackson (or “Coach J” as you may hear some of the boys call him) is this weeks Coach of the Week! Coach Jackson has stepped it up and become a leader and role model on the team. All the younger swimmers absolutely love it when they hear that Coach Jackson is helping with their lane and Coach Jackson does everything to make sure that the swimmers are learning and having fun at the same time. Thank you Coach Jackson for all you do for the swimmers and Highlands! We are so glad to have you as part of our Coaching Staff!

Congratulations to our Turtles of the Week! Please make sure you check in with one of your coaches this week to claim a prize from the prize box and to get your picture taken!

Keep working hard TURTLES! Let's Whomp!