Concessions Call

Concessions Call

The Flying Ducks have our first home meet this Saturday. We have a lot of jobs to fill, but the most challenging is in concessions. When there are enough helpers, everyone can get a break to see their swimmers’ event and the load is spread. Please consider signing up to help in concessions. The concessions committee also needs a kick start of donations to sell. To simplify storage and standard pricing, please consider donating some of the following items in sizes provided:


Water 16.9 fl oz to sell

Water 8.0 oz for deck volunteers

Gatorade 20 oz (assorted flavors) to sell

Sodas 12 oz (any - coke, pepsi, root beer, Dr. Pepper, sprite, diet)

Ring Pops (assorted flavors)

Paper Towels to clean

All donations for this week should be brought to the team locker by Thursday practice. Please contact Claudia about any other donations you are considering.

Friday night we will only have 1 hour to set up for the meet. Lawn chairs need to be moved, parking spots reserved, timer/recorder lanes prepared, pool flags hung, lane lines installed, concessions set up and ice in coolers, clerks of course prepared, starters and speakers tested, etc. What doesn’t get done Friday night will need to be done on Saturday, jeopardizing the start and finish time.  During this time families can also set up their canopies, but only after the rest of the meet is set up. Splashdown is allowing us to do this if we don’t allow young children below the upper pavilion.

Thank you for your help


BLST Concessions Committee