Call for Lifeguards - SWOYSL LC Champs July 2022

Hi everyone,

We are seeing the impact of that at the PCY-BASH Classic at Miami University this past weekend. The shortage of lifeguards affected how many swimmers per warmup session (which meant more warm up sessions) and caused some stoppages during the sessions as the lifeguards rotated.

Let’s not run any risks with the Champs meet.  If even one lifeguard calls in sick during our champs meet, we might lose the divewell, as an example.  We cannot “lend” any guards to Miami; they must go through the process of being hired.

Please direct anyone to Terri Shannon.  To qualify, the person must apply, be hired, and be available to be scheduled for any shifts during our meet.  Interested applicants should contact Terri Shannon at Miami 513- 529-1844 or [email protected]

Just 1 or 2 additional guards may make a big difference for us.



Jon Saxton