To ALL of our SA parents, including Stingrays, Age Group, and Senior levels:


This "test" is something that I put together back in 2013.  It was done largely as a response to seeing too many swimmers burning out way too early---some from our own program (not many, though!), and a lot from other programs.  As a swim parent, I encourage you to take it, and look at it with an open mind.  


As a coach, I'm more competitive than just about anyone I've ever met in my life.  But, I understand that for me to get kids the fastest they've ever dreamed of, well, I need them to still be swimming and still be "hungry" when they get to high school.  And far too many great kids, kids that would have made excellent high school and college prospects, quit because the sport stops being fun.  


I believe that this simply test can go a long way toward helping your child maximize their potential, and I think it will give you a good perspective on enjoying the process as well.  


Hope this is helpful for your family.  Feel free to give me feedback at [email protected]  And thanks, always, for your trust in our program.


HERE is the test!


Tony Ackerson

Head Coach

Seminole Aquatics