Important Information from the Championship Meet Committee

Michigan Swimming LSC Members,

We hope the 2022 Long Course Season is going well for everyone. As we approach the end of the season, the Championship Meet Strategy Committee continues to work on efforts to provide a Championship Meet for the LSC. This Spring and Summer, much like the previous two years, has been a challenging process for the Committee.


While the challenges of the last two years related to COVID, this Summer’s challenges are the result of unavailable, or unwilling, facilities when it came to holding a Championship Meet. All Long Course facilities in this state expressed that they could not, or would not, be able to hold a Championship Meet for our members. Therefore, after much work, by many parties, we consider ourselves fortunate to still provide both a MAGS and Ultra Meet this Summer.


We are grateful for Lifetime for stepping up and holding the MAGS meet. Without them, the LSC would have had no choice but to cancel the MAGS meet. We encourage you to join us in thanking Lifetime for agreeing to hold the meet this Summer. The meet will take place a Brandon High School (Ortonville, MI) and will be conducted in an 8x25 yard pool.


We are also grateful for Club Wolverine being able to recently secure the Elkhart Aquatic Center (Elkhart, Indiana) for the Ultra Meet, and for their willingness to lead a coalition of teams to host the meet. This will provide swimmers in the LSC a chance to compete in a Long Course Championship Meet this Summer. We also are grateful for the Michigan Swimming Board of Directors to allowing the meet to be held outside the LSC, especially given the many logistical and financial hurdles that are the result of that decision. We encourage you to joining us in thanking Club Wolverine for their efforts to secure Elkhart for the Ultra Meet.


In looking at the Long Course season Championship Meets the past three years, the Championship Meet Strategy Committee was concerned that the current 13-14 aged swimmers would once again be without a Long Course Championship Meet. Feedback from members of the LSC, including many athletes, also strengthened this concern. After much consideration, the Championship Meet Strategy Committee voted to move the 13-14 age group to the Ultra Meet for this (and only this) Summer. In doing so, those swimmers who were 11 in 2020 will finally be able to get a Long Course Championship Meet for the first time in many years.


Additionally, the Championship Meet Strategy Committee has been reviewing the numbers of 12 & Under qualifiers from the 2021 Summer Championship Meet and the 2022 Spring MAGS meets. It is undeniable that the LSC’s membership was greatly impacted by the pandemic the last two years, especially when it came to 12 & Under Members. The LSC lost a significant portion of 12 & Under swimmers. That was reflected in the significantly lower number of 12 & Under participants (especially 10 & Under) in the last two Championship Meets. The committee had hoped to resolve some of this decline by lowering the qualifying times for MAGS during short course. While numbers did rise from the 2021 Summer Championship Meet, they were still much lower than our pre-pandemic numbers.


Coupling this analysis with how few Summer Long Course Meets were/are being offered this Summer, and considering the impact of removing 13-14’s have on Lifetime, the Championship Meet Strategy Committee has decided to further lower a majority of the 12 & Under MAGS qualifying times. Attached to this letter is the new qualifying times for 10 & Unders and 11-12 Boys. Time Standards for the 11-12 Girls will remain the same given the size of the age group and their continued, albeit slightly less than pre-pandemic, growth in meeting the time standards.


Additionally, the Committee has decided on allowing bonus swims at the MAGS meet. Swimmers qualifying for less than four (4) events may supplement their entry with the necessary number of entries to reach four (4) events. Bonus swims will NOT require a time standard, but the swimmer MUST have a time in SWIMS for that event from January 1, 2021 to the entry deadline.


Qualifying times for the Ultra Meet will remain the same. No bonus swims will be offered at Ultra either.


The committee is working on finalizing the event schedules for both meets given the newly changed placement of the 13-14 year old’s. We hope to have the packets available soon.


On a final note, the Committee recognizes that this Summer brings yet another change to the Championship Meet formats. We at the Committee hear the frustrations of the ever-changing meets, and we feel the same frustration. While the change in this instance is what we consider the best course of action for the LSC and the meet hosts, we very much look forward to having a consistent format after this Summer. While the committee has identified areas of improvement for the Regionals, MAGS, and Ultra Meets, we are pleased with the overall operation of those meets. Our goal is to continue those formats moving forward. The same sentiment applies to the time standards. The committee looks forward to the date where time standards only change every Olympic Quad, rather than season by season.


We appreciate all constructive feedback, your patience, and understanding as we work to provide the best Championship Meets we can, despite what feels like an infinite loop of obstacles. We hope that things will be back to business as usual for the 2022-2023 Short Course season and beyond. If any members of the LSC wish to join the committee, we are looking to expand the committee by as much as double the current amount. If interested please contact the Chair (Josh Wood, [email protected]).


- The Championship Meet Strategy Committee