Week 5 News - Urgent Need for Volunteers


We are officially 2-0 to start our season.  We have a great team this year.  The swimmers and coaches are off to a great start.



The signup genius link to donate various food items for our after-practice, pre-meet pasta lunches is here:

LSC Swim Team: Lane Pasta Lunch 2022



Many Hands Make Light Work….”

We are woefully short on volunteers to be able to run our next two meets.  We have very few Lane timers signed up.  We will have to forfeit the next two meets unless these volunteer positions are filled.  For our first two meets, most of the Lane timers had to time both halves of the meet, working 3+ hours each.  Many of those same timers worked both meets, so you have some parents who have already worked 6+ hours timing your swimmers.  This should never happen.  No one should work more than half of a meet.  These parents also have full-time jobs, multiple children in multiple activities, and all the same daily and weekly responsibilities that we all have.  When you volunteer, you aren’t helping me, you are helping your fellow swim parent.  Please don’t let them down – fill all of these volunteer positions.  If you are afraid you will make a mistake, don’t be – you can’t mess things up, we promise.  The sign-up links are below:

Lane Swim Team: Away Meet @ Siegel JCC on 6/28

Lane Swim Team: Home Meet vs. Elks on 6/30

Lane Swim Team: Away Meet @ Silverside on 7/12

Lane Swim Team: Away Meet @ Graylyn Crest on 7/14