Summer Solstice

    Congratulations to the 64 swimmer who competed at the Summer Solstice last weekend! We had another terrific weekend of racing, and it finally felt like a true summer meet with the warm weather. I want to lead off with thanks to our newest officials, Alcia Richards and Mark Harrell for working both days of the meet! Big thanks to our A.O. Ben Griffith who put in 20 hours behind the scenes keeping the results posted, and to all the CAST parents who volunteered for timing shifts-we appreciated your help to keep the meet moving! 

    Our highlights start this week with four more team records-we’ve already set 13 new individual team records this long course season, and our championship meets are still to come! Trace Bennett broke a 20 year old 200 freestyle record for the 9-10 boys to go along with another team record in the 200 fly, while Adeline Downing broke the 200 freestyle record for the 8 and under girls and established a new team mark in the 200 backstroke.  Jake Sachtjen, Tillie Sobek, and Pema Anain all set new CAST performer marks in the 1500 freestyle late on Sunday. Tilie’s 1500 qualified her for Senior Zones, a first for her, Pema’s was the 5th fastest performance in team history, and Jake is now 9th on the performer list! 

    We had four swimmers make their competitive debuts: Piper Velin, Abigail Pine-Sage, Connor Snyder, and Griffen Snyder. It’s not easy to have your first competition in a long course pool, but even with the nerves all four did a fantastic job racing! We hope this was the first of many meets to come for all of you. 

    Once again we had many swimmers achieve all best times or nearly all best times; especially impressive since many of these swimmers competed in one or two meets already this summer! Swimmers who dropped in all or nearly all their events were: Avery Bennett (all 5 races), Kamryn Braga (all 3 races), Elijah Brown  (all 10 races!!), Jayda Comer (all 8 races), Camden Cotant (all 3 races), Andrew Davis  (5 of 6 races), Josh Dimitri (7 of 8 races), Joslyn Dimitri (all 8 races), Payton Goodwin (all 9 races), Emmersyn Haley  (all 4 races), Ethan Harrel  (all 6 races), Sam Harrell (all 4 races), Jasmine Mielke (4 out of 5 races), Ella Mohr (6 out of 7 races), Michael Olsen (all 7 races), Olivia PItsch (all 6 races), Marli Robinson (6 out of 7 races), Keegan Rosenberger (4 out of 5 races), Ellie Ruth (2 out of 3 races), Jake Sachtjen (all 7 races), Bostyn Shoemaker (7 out of 8 races), Tillie Sobek (all 7 races), Clara Strow (7 out of 8 races), Eleanor Strow (all 8 races), Sylvia Strow (all 8 races), and Charlie Wagstaff (all 4 races). Fantastic job on improving everyone!

    Thank you to all who came out and made it a fast weekend of swimming-we are well set up for our championship meet season, which is just around the corner!