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Newsletter #10

Dear Stingray families,

Congratulations on another great win! Thanks so much to our volunteers – please keep signing up, as we need all hands on deck. See below for updates and reminders for this week and Happy 4th of July – hope everyone enjoys the break!


No practice on Monday – can’t wait to see everyone refreshed and ready to go on Tuesday!

Other dates with no practice:

  • July 12th: Springlake meet
  • July 20th: CCI (Carroll County Invitational)
  • July 27th: Straehle; no AM practice, PM practice schedule as usual (for swimmers who normally attend evening practice)
  • July 28th: Jr. Champs; AM practice ONLY for swimmers not swimming in the meet

We’re already in July and July 27th & 29th will be the last Pep Rallies of the season! We hope to see everyone there!  


**No meet this weekend, 7/9!**

Springlake on July 12th

  • warmups are at 4:30, meet starts at 5, more details will be shared soon

Carroll County Invitational, Wednesday, July 20th (South Carroll Country Club). We are still awaiting the event file from the host team and will have more information soon. In the meantime:

  • Registration deadline July 10th
  • This is one of those ‘extra’ events, the fee is $5 per event (you can pay anyone on the board, or we can charge your account for a $1 processing fee)
  • Entry limit is TBD but likely:
    • 3 events for 8 and under
    • 4 events for 9 and over
  • warmup time also TBD, but likely between 3-4pm
  • Sign-ups will start this week


THANK YOU to all who have volunteered so far! As a reminder, we all agreed when we signed up for summer swimming that we would complete the required number of points (3) and if not, will be charged $50 at the end of the season. If your family is struggling to meet this requirement, please email [email protected] – our goal is to NOT charge anyone, and we can help you find volunteer opportunities.


Some of our ribbons got mixed up with Wynnewood’s ribbons. We are working on exchanging them this week. If you are missing ribbons, we will put them in your mailbox by the end of the week.

On Tuesday we will be handing out the ribbons we have and the swimmers’ Stingray tokens. We will have our Stingray token “store” open at the end of both practices so that the swimmers can “spend” their tokens if they wish. Location TBD depending on the weather. 


  • Bring a water bottle to practice.
  • If your swimmer isn’t engaged in practice, they must have an adult responsible for them in the facility.
  • Do not touch the red emergency phone outside of the upstairs sitting area.
  • Don’t forget any trash or belongings left at practice.
  • As always, use [email protected] for communicating with the coaches or the board.
  • Practice (see above for adjustments to the usual schedule):
    • AM Practice: Monday – Friday
      • 13 & over: 9:30-11am
      • 9-12: 10:45-12noon
      • 8 & under: 10:45-11:45am
    • PM Practice: Monday – Thursday
      • 11 & over: 6-7:15pm
      • 10 & under: 6-6:45pm


See you at the pool!