Hi Swim Team Families,

It’s hard to believe the swim season is half way over! At this time, Nathan Centeno and I are working on White Eagle's plan for the Classic and City Championship meets which are coming up on Sat. July 23rd (Classic) afternoon session and Fri. July 29th/Sat. July 30th (City).

PLEASE use the team website or OnDeck app to declare your swimmer(ers) no later than WEDNESDAY,  JULY 13th.  If you are unsure about which meet is appropriate for your swimmer please reach out to me via email, phone (630)788-7629, or at practice and I will be happy to answer questions. If you are definitely NOT attending, please check that box when declaring.  City time standards can be found on the team website.


Declaring your swimmers helps us in many ways. 1. It lets the coaches appropriately prepare for each championship meet.  2. Our team is responsible for relaying these numbers to the swim conference in a timely manner.

For those of you new to swimming, the Classic and City meets are the final meets of the summer swim season and they are attended by all 22 pools that belong to the Naperville Park District Swim Conference. PLEASE NOTE, TO PARTICIPATE IN EITHER CHAMPIONSHIP, YOUR SWIMMER NEEDS TO HAVE SWUM IN 3 or more DUAL MEETS (time trials DOES NOT count toward the 3).   Whichever meet your child swims, one parent has to volunteer at that meet session.  This is in addition to meets you have already worked or signed up to work, and parents who took the buyout, as this is a conference meet.   You are required to work your assigned job.  We will not have a replacement for you .    If you have children swimming multiple sessions (eg, both 9/10 city and 11/12 city) or both meets, you are only responsible for volunteering at one of those meets. 


The Classic meet is for all swimmers in the 6 & u, 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12 age groups that have not achieved city meet standards in 2 or more events (eg, 25 free and 50 free). If your swimmer has only 1 city time, please talk with Coach Molly about which meet to swim. Swimming in the classic meet (as opposed to potentially only one event at city) is often more personally rewarding for these swimmers.  All 13/14 year old and 15 & up swimmers, regardless of times, swim at the City Championship meet. 

Our session of the Classic meet is being held at Metea Valley High School on Saturday July 23rd.  Check-in for swimmers and parents will be  at 12:20, warmups  starting at 12:30 pm. The meet  starts at 1:30. Swimmers can swim a maximum of 4 events--either 3 individual events and 1 relay or 2 individual and 2 relays. Unfortunately, all swimmers may not be able to swim a relay, depending on our numbers (need to have multiples of 4, etc). Feel free to contact Coach Molly about what 2-3 individual events your swimmer prefers to swim in.


The City meet is for those swimmers that have achieved a city qualifying time for a certain event and for all swimmers in age groups 13 through 18 years old. Ask Coach Molly if you have a question about your swimmers’ times; I also have a list of best times, and in the DOCUMENTS section of the website, you can find all the city qualifying standards as well as all the meet results.


Swimmers with 2 or more city times are encouraged to attend the city meet. Swimmers can swim a maximum of 4 events--either 3 individual and 1 relay or 2 individual and 2 relays (not 4 individual events though) . 


The City meet is being held at Naper Carriage Hill on Friday July 29th and Saturday July 30th at Tallgrass.  The Friday night session, going from approximately  5-8pm, is for all 15-18 year old swimmers.  The morning session on Saturday is for 8 & unders and 9/10 year olds and runs approximately  from 6:30am-Noon.  The afternoon session is for 11/12 and 13/14 year olds and runs approximately  from Noon-5:30pm.