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Meet #4 @ Dale City 7/9/2022

This week's meet is sponsored by the Anderson Company.  The Anderson Company is a leader in site preparation, excavation, demolition, and material removal in the Washington DC metropolitan area.  For over 25 years, The Anderson Company has been setting industry standards for safety, capacity, and professionalism. With 500+ projects under our belts – including many of the region’s most notable landmarks – we’ve been instrumental in the transformation of the D.C. metro area. Headquartered in Manassas, Virginia, The Anderson Company is perfectly positioned to deliver a broad range of site development services for the GCs and developers rapidly changing the face of the Washington DC metropolitan area.  

We continue to attract and retain the best people in the industry, offering outstanding benefits and on-the-job training for ambitious individuals looking to build a career. Our headquarters is also home to our modern fleet of trucks and equipment and the maintenance and cleaning facilities that keep them in action.


Pool Address: 13833 Dumfries Rd, Manassas VA 20112 Prince William County Aquatics Center, located behind Colgan High School. 

Please arrive at the pool at 6:00 - 6:15 to check in, the Brookside warmups begin at 6:30. 

Parking:  There is ample parking around the Aquatics Center.

Visiting Team Area: Visiting Teams may set up on the bleachers closest to the recreation pool. Spectators may also choose to sit in the viewing area upstairs from the pool deck. Dale City will be on the bleachers closer to the Auxiliary Gym.

Deck Access & Viewing: There is ample viewing from the upstairs belachers for this meet. There is limited deck space for viewing. Stay behind the roped off areas. Please watch for Working Officials, Swimmers in line moving to events, and ESPECIALLY the Card Runners -give them room! Absolutely NO spectators will be allowed at the start and finish ends of the pool as it gets very crowded and interferes with both the swimmers and the timers/recorders/runners. (Those NOT swimming the current event or in-line for next event are not allowed to hang-out either.)

NOTE: No tents will be allowed in the Aquatics Center. Coaches Area: the Visiting team coaches area will be the bleachers adjacent to the lifeguards’s office nearest the bulkhead.

Warm-Up/A.M. Briefings: 

6:10 - 6:30 am  Dale City Warm-Up      

6:30 - 6:50 am Brookside Warm-Up      

6:35 am  Officials’ Meeting (on deck - deep end of competition pool)

6:45 am  Timers’ and Recorders’ Meeting

6:50 am  Pool cleared -- Assemble relays in team areas   

6:58 am National Anthem  

7:00 am  Meet Begins  

This   link will provide a ROUGH estimate of the days events.  This an ESTIMATE please pay attention to the meet announcer and coaches to be in the correct place at the correct time in order not to miss an event.

This additional link is the "psych" sheet that has all the swimmers and events as they will swim this weekend.