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WAVE Email: Thank You Volunteer Chairs and Wave survey

Good Evening Wave Families,

We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge our volunteer chairpeople who helped us this Wave swim season.  We were faced with many challenges returning to a full season and hosting swim meets after running a heavily modified program with no competition the past few years. Our chairpeople put in countless hours to organize and train our volunteers.  Our competitions would not be possible without their hard work and time.

Thank you for making this season possible!

  • Christopher Hirzel and Chris Shearer, Computer Chairs

  • Laura Titley, Age Group Chair 

  • Francis Oney, 6&Under Age Group Representative

  • Elena Costa, 7-8 Girls Age Group Representative

  • Debbie Centeno, 7-8 Boys Age Group Representative

  • Chelsea VanWagenen, 9-10 Girls Age Group Representative

  • Elizabeth Mihos, 9-10 Boys Age Group Representative

  • Jennifer Solinsky, Ages 11+ Age Group Representative 

  • Kim Fairbanks, Ready Bench Chair

  • Stephen Ricardo, BBQ Chair

  • Anthony Hairston, Snack Bar Chair

  • Kathy Turner and Travis Miller, Timing Chairs

  • Brandi and Michael Dour, Facilities Chairs

  • Amanda Motarjeme, Hospitality Chair

  • Meghann Hottendorf, Volunteer Chair

  • Sean Raihan and Robert Picetti, Announcer Chairs

  • Amy Martin, Ribbons Chair

  • Jay and Carli Fuchs, Stroke and Turn Chairs

  • Derek Schroeder and Christie Picetti, Meet Setup/Tear Down Chairs

  • Cristina Valcu and Jennifer Cappalo, Fundraising Chairs

We would like all our members to complete our 2022 WAVE Survey located here.  Your valuable feedback will be most appreciated. 

We would like our chairs to consider writing some notes about their roles and email our Volunteer Chair Meghann Hottendorf at[email protected].  Meghann will archive your notes for upcoming seasons.  Our hope is that these chairs will continue next season or make a recommendation for their replacement to Meghann.   After no Wave season in 2020 and 2021, we want to use the 2022 season to archive notes so future chairs have a better understanding of their roles.  

Lastly, we wanted to ask our Wave members to consider serving on the Rocklin Swim Team Board of Directors.  You can email[email protected] if you are interested in a Board position. The Board Job Descriptions are available  here.  We currently have open Board of Director positions.   

We look forward to a great championship weekend for all your swimmers next weekend. Also, please remember to RSVP for our  July 19th WAVE End of Season Banquet!   

Thank you to all our WAVE families for your help this season as the Rocklin Swim Team Coaches and Board greatly appreciate your contributions.