Thank you to all the parents who attended our annual parent meeting Monday night. We were able to vote on new officers. A BIG congratulations to Oliver Tilton for being elected to continue to serve as our Vice President.   And a big congratulations to Ashley Flick for being elected to continue to serve as our Secretary. We are very fortunate to have these dedicated people serving as TFS board members.

There were some parents who were not able to attend last night's meeting and missed the opportunity to hear about important details related to championships.  PLEASE review the attached file that was sent on email and posted on our Facebook page and stay informed of what's going on via email, website, and Facebook. 

EVERY FAMILY attending champs needs to provide 1 volunteer for 1 shift to meet our volunteer requirement with River City Swim League.  If you are attending Champs, you need to select the shift (day and time) you would like to volunteer.  You will receive your official assignment at Champs check in.  If you do not sign up to volunteer for a shift, a job will be assigned to you at check in.  Log on to your profile on our website and sign up to volunteer (just like you would for a regular meet).  

Here are a few more things you need to know:  
  • Our last practice of the year will be Thursday, 7/21.  
  • Awards Party will be Monday, 7/25 at 6 pm at the pool.  More details will be sent in a separate message.  
  • VERY IMPORTANT!  If you have confirmed that you will attend champs on Sunday and your situation changes (you won't be there), YOU MUST TELL COACH VANESSA or COACH PAUL if your swimmer will not be at champs on Sunday for relays!!!    
  • Start hydrating for champs THE DAY BEFORE!!  It is very hot at champs (some of us call it the hottest place on earth).  Everyone needs to start drinking lots of water the day before and throughout champs.     
If you have any questions, please email us at   [email protected] or post a message on our facebook page.