Whitewater Rafting Trip for Sr / Nat Dev / Nat groups
Whitewater Rafting Trip for  Senior, Natitonal Development and National  groups
When:  Saturday, August 20th at 2pm in Benton, TN
The coaches would like to thank Staci (and Eva) Watson for coordinating this trip.  Please be sure to direct all questions to Staci @  770.361.2548
The plan is to leave from the parking lot at Kedron at 10:30am.  The drive there will take about 2.5 hours.  We will need a few parents willing to drive.  The swimmers can bring a packed lunch.  They will be able to eat (picnic tables available) and change at the facility prior to their trip down the river.  It takes about 3 hours round trip on the river.  We should return to Kedron around 8:15-830pm. 
If your swimmer would like to attend, please call 423.338.5746 and reserve your child's spot.  The trip costs $38/person and mention that you are registering with the Staci Watson party.  You must reserve your spot by August 6th.  After the 6th, our slots will be released to the general public.  If you have any questions, call Staci at 770.361.2548.  
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