Champs Heat Sheets & Volunteer Assignments
Here is a link to the heat sheet for champs. This will NOT be provided/sold at champs so please download and print for yourself.
Also, please refer to email sent for volunteer assignments. We did the best we could to assign people to the day and time they signed up for online. If you did not sign up online, a job has been assigned to you. If you need to make any changes, please email us asap at [email protected]
A couple final thoughts for champs:
  • don't forget to bring hats and sunscreen - the bleachers are in the sun
  • there is room next to our big tent to add on smaller tents so bring your own tent if you want to spread out
  • please bring extra waters and gatorade to contribute to the team coolers
  • feel free to bring snacks to share as well - we will have a snack table set up
  • Chic-Fil-A will be provided between sessions on Saturday so stick around if you are in the morning session and come early if you are in the afternoon session
  • BRING EXTRA ICE!!! We always need ice
Refer to our previous messages for additional details. We can't wait to see everyone at Champs!!