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Our swimmers had a wonderful divisionals meet yesterday with many personal bests to end a wonderful CSL Blue Division season. Congrats to our 9-10 and 15-18 girls for winning Blue Division Age Group Champions. The only way a team wins this award is if ALL the girls in their age group swim well and fast at all meets; not easy to do.
After a hot divisionals meet, we met up for the banquet – many thanks to Emili Vesilind, Kate Magri and their banquet team for hosting this fabulous (and delicious) event for our families. The surprise gust of wind during the awards ceremony didn’t stop us from finishing the program in the clubhouse. A big thank you to Natalie Zhou for creating the slide show and Brad Mason for setting up the A/V equipment. Missed last night’s event? You can view the slide show here.
Any Little Flippers or 8 and under swimmers who either left early without their trophy or didn't attend the banquet last night can pick up their trophy with Erin Schneider at the pool any morning this coming week from 8 to 9 a.m. or by arrangement. Please also encourage your swimmers of all ages to check their Sharks ribbons folder next time they are at the pool to collect their ribbons from this season.
All Stars
Congratulations to all our All Stars swimmers. All Stars is not easy to make. Here’s a fun fact: The only time that qualifies a swimmer is their divisionals time. (If you don't swim at divisionals, you can't qualify). 

There are three stages of All Stars entries:

  • The 18 fastest swimmers from across all four divisions make it for each stroke. 
  • There are three total alternates (A) for each stroke. If one or more swimmers will not be able to attend the divisionals meet, they scratch and an alternate swimmer from this group will replace them. Alternates should also attend the All Stars meet even though they may not swim.
  • The three total swimmers on the bubble (B) will fill in for alternates if they move into the first group.

The following swimmers will be practicing all together daily this week at the pool from 8 to 9 a.m., until we know for sure that they will not be in one of the alternate groups listed above. Look for additional details from Coach Salma if your Shark made All Stars.
IF A SWIMMER FROM THE LIST BELOW CANNOT BE AT THE ALL STARS MEET ON SATURDAY, JULY 30, please let either Coach Salma or Tracy Mason know by no later than Monday, July 25, at 3 p.m. 
Congrats to:
8 & Under
Kara Ryan 
Event # 2, 25 Free B 
Event #12, 25 Back 
Mia Baily
Event #14, Back B 
Event #34, 9/10 Fly
Marisa Bills
Event # 4, 50 Free
Event #14, 50 Back
Event # 24, 50 Breast A 
Ruby Castillo 
Event #14, 50 Back A 
Event #44, 100 IM B
Saisha Kulkarni 
Event #34, 25 Fly B 
Mckensie Schneider 
Event #24, 50 Breast 
Ava Benevento
Event # 6, 50 Free
Event #16, 50 Back
Event # 46, 100 IM 
Nina Shupp
Event #38, 50 Fly B
Erin Kelley
Event #20, 50 Back
Event #30, 50 Breast A 
Salma Khorramshahgol 
Event #10, 50 Free 
Event #40, 15-18 50 Fly 
Event #50, 100 IM 
Kate Mason 
Event #30, 50 Breast B 
Angelina Sagaow 
Event #10, 50 Free 
Event #40, 50 Fly 
Event #50, 100 IM 
8 & Under
Michael Ryan 
Event #1, 25 Free 
Event #31, 25 Fly 
Maddox Sartori 
Event #11, 25 Back B 

Leo Li 
Event #3, 50 Free
Event #13, 50 Back 
Liam McLeish 
Event #23, 50 Breast 
Dominic Sartori 
Event #23, 50 Breast 
Harry Maltese 
Event #7, 50 Free A 
Event #17, 50 Back B 
Event #37, 50 Fly 
Victor Li
Event #9, 50 Free A 
Event #39, 50 Fly 
Event #49, 100 IM 
Special Volunteer Shout Outs
You’ve heard it before — swim team cannot happen without our parent volunteers and we want to express our appreciation to each of you. 

Abbie Achatz 
Abbie was the main reason our Sharks had suits, lawn signs, and all our fabulous swag. She graciously did this big job with a smile and a can-do attitude. Thanks also to Michelle Shea for the big assists.

Christine Mehrtash
Christine stepped up to do virtually anything we needed this season, including managing our concessions! (Many thanks to Diane Benevento for her help, too). This effort is hugely important to fund our operations and Christine was ‘on it’ from day 1.

Katie Rosenbaum
Has everyone checked out our Facebook and new Instagram pages @Chase_Club_Sharks? Sign up to enjoy Katie’s amazing reels or stories for our parents and teen Sharks; she expertly captures our team’s vibe and accomplishments.

Amy Sethi
Amy organized spirit wear, managed our meet table, and prepared swimmer ribbons. She and Missy Hurley were so on top of ribbons, we knew at any time how many of each we had and that we’d run out before the season because our fantastic swimmers were earning such a sea of personal bests.

Chris Shilling
Thanks to our ‘pizza and grill guy.' It gets hot behind the grill and Chris always had a smile on his face during the endless hours he helped make our food happen — you are amazing. 

The Soni/yas
When Sonya Raikar and Sonia Sethi put their minds to something, it gets done! This team created our nametags, which are the envy of every other swim team. Sonia even figured out how to automate it for the future. Thank you!

Shark Events
It takes a village to make all our events run well. We could not have done it without these special Shark volunteers.
Lindsey Ryan, Rootbeer Float Night; Sika Fulmer, Pancake Breakfast; Beth Olibah, Pasta night; Lisa Ali, Ice Cream Social; Jennifer Sullivan, pep rally squad leader; Debbi Vigna, Little Flipper Olympics; Adina Adler and Dina Gowayed, Picture Day; Erin Sartori, Carley Fisher-Maltese, Rita Bills, Megan Soyster-Heinz, and Melanie Aydin, age group activities; and Loriann Baily, Friday/event donuts.
Thanks also goes to Sam Kulkarni for website updates and to Min Han and Erin Schneider for coordinating our trophies.
Thank you, Brad Mason, lead official/referee, and to all our stroke and turn officials: Eric Shea, starter; Kee Lee, Kuan Sagaow, Diane Benevento, Rich McLeish, Zhihong Li, Yali Kong, and Raia Kaouk Toubaji. We encourage more Sharks to train for this role. As you learn about the sport, it helps your children and our team. 
Thank you to Jamie Maltese and Adam Rosenbaum for being our announcers this season. And thank you and congratulations to Jamie for stepping up to become our team’s new President. 
Wrapping up— Winter swim and Yard Signs
As the season ends, please either bring your yard sign to the pool during trophy pick up, drop the sign and stand at Tracy’s house (5515 Ashleigh Rd.), or we’ll do a drive-by to get and store them in the clubhouse attic. Don’t worry, you’ll get your signs again during registration next season to promote the Chase Club Sharks in 2023!
We will email you details about winter swim registration soon. The program will open first to current Sharks and run mid-September to May on Sunday nights from 6-7pm at OakMarr Rec Center in Vienna.
Congrats to all swimmers for a great season and good luck to our All Stars this week!
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