Twin Chimneys meet tomorrow

First off, don't forget to wear your pajamas for Sleepy Monday practice tomorrow!

And here is the information from the host team & heat sheets for our meet at Twin Chimneys. 

Meet heat shee t

Heat sheet by swimmer

Address: 7145 Twin Chimneys Blvd. 

Parking is allowed on Twin Chimneys Blvd during the meet. Please be respectful of the neighbors and park clear of driveways if parking on any of the side streets. Be prepared to walk. 

  The meet starts at 5:30 with warm-ups at 5:00. 


Feel free to set up on the pool deck or in the grass outside of the gates. Please stay clear of the starting blocks and opposite end of the pool to allow for timers, stroke judges, and parents to be able to watch their swimmers. 


Pop-up tents are only allowed outside of the pool gates (in the grass) or around the baby-pool area. 


Our concession stand has snacks and dinner-type items. Pizza, nachos, pretzels, candy, chips, soda, water, Gatorade, bananas and mandarin oranges. Prices range from $1-$4ish dollars. Cash or card are accepted!