Go Sharks!
Take advantage of employer volunteer matching programs!

Hi Sharks Famililes,

Our 2022 Season is now complete!  I hope these last few weeks have been full of great memories to last you until next season.

Many of our famillies work for companies that have generous volunteer matching programs that allow you to claim your volunteer time and in-turn match that time monetarily, sending a non-profit entity a nice little check in your name.  If your employer has such a program, please consider going through your volunteer matching process and have a check sent the the Klahanie Swim Team.

4580 KLAHANIE DR SE NUM 172, ISSAQUAH, WA, 98029-5812
U.S. Tax ID/EIN: 262548210

We'll put those donations to good use as we're always looking to make our swimmers' team experience as fun as possible year after year.

Thanks to everyone who takes advantage of your company's matching program!

Go Sharks!