Dear SA Family,


Our entire Age Group program is on their scheduled one-week break, beginning August 1.  We resume practices on August 8 (see attached yearly  schedule).


Parents, please take advantage of the break and allow your children to get away from the pool.  There will be some of you with parents in the AG1-5 program that will think that you don't want your child to "lose conditioning" (they won't), or that they love swimming so much that they really don't need to take a break (trust me---they DO).  


There are always parents that bring their age groupers to the pool over the team break, and I remember most of them very well; they're the kids that either quit swimming before high school, or they were burned out and swam miserably during their high school years.  It happens every year, sadly. 


By contrast, the kids that stay away from the pool usually can't wait to get back.  In my 35 years of coaching, it's these kids, the ones that were never pressured to go to practice, that end up doing great things in high school and beyond.  The ones that were pushed and prodded by parents in elementary and middle school never achieve the kind of success that they were capable of.


Even if your child WANTS to come up and swim a few thousand yards during the break . . . and even if they're on FIRE for swimming right now . . . the single best thing that you can do is to tell them to take the week off.  This has been the formula that has produced nearly 100 high school All-America times, a lot of State high school champions, several National qualifiers, many, many collegiate swimmers, and even a few Olympic Trials competitors.


It's easy to go to swim meets and get impressed with 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 year olds doing remarkable times, and hearing that they are working super-hard and rarely taking any time off.  Trust me---it doesn't last, and a lot of these kids, sadly, won't be around competing against your kids in high school.


So, take a week off, do some other things, and enjoy some quality family time.  We'll see you on the 8th!


Tony Ackerson

Head Coach/ SR Coach

Seminole Aquatics